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Military Proposal  by: Christina C

My husband and I are both in the Air Force. We started dating when we were both stationed at our first base, in IL. About 10 months into the relationship I got orders and had to leave for Korea for a year. That time in Korea was spent with thousands of minutes over Skype, hundreds of letters and plenty of “I love & miss you’s”! We decided to meet at a halfway point when I was 8 months into the assignment, in Hawaii. We later found that this would be just the first of many reunions between us with the multiple deployments and TDY’s ahead of us. At sunset, on the most beautiful beach in the world, he proposed. We were married on that beach two days later by an old hippy couple that lived on the island. Our wedding was a little bizarre with the blowing of conk shells, crashing of the waves and the old couple dancing around barefoot but it was amazing! It was such an intimate way to commit ourselves and our love to one another.


Christmas Eve Proposal by: Michelle

It was Christmas Eve and Calvin was coming over to give Autumn her present and to help my brother put together a trampoline. My mother and her husband were also there, supposedly just stopping by to say hi. Shortly after he got there my sister in law insisted on opening presents. So Autumn opened hers and then Calvin opened one as well from my brother and sister in law. And then Calvin told me I had one to open that night as well. But there was a catch, I had to face the tree to open it. I did as I was told, a little confused. When I opened the gift there was a note inside the box that said turn around. When I turned around Calvin was on one knee with a ring box open. He told me that he loved me and wanted to married me, the rest of what he said is just a big blur! I couldn’t believe it, I of course said yes!! And everyone who was there cheered, my daughter yelled, ” I finally have an awesome step dad!” and then yelled “group hug”. As he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger, I knew I was exactly where I was suppose to be! :)



Scrapbooking Surprise by Debbie

It was Christmas Eve whole family gets together over my grandparents house every Christmas Eve. While we were waiting outside of church my grandma invited my then boyfriends family over to have dinner with my family. I was extremely excited for them to be apart of our Christmas Eve tradition. Little did I know it was all planned out ahead of time. Since Ryon and I had agreed no presents were going to be exchanged between us because we just moved into a brand new house in July, when everyone kept saying Debbie you have a present come in here I had no idea what was going on. As my little cousin hands me a present and I proceed to open it…it’s a scrapbook he made from when we first met to now…10 pages full of pictures as I’m crying looking through it the last page has a picture of our son and a saying “Mommy will you make our family complete….marry my daddy?” Love, Camden as I’m sobbing Camden and Ryon were both in front of me Camden with a shirt on saying “will you marry my daddy” and Ryon on his knee with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I of course said yes yes yes!!!